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Enhanced IMIT Business Incentive

Toronto's Imagination, Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology (IMIT) business incentive has recently been reviewed and amended to increase the incentive level for eligible applicants constructing new buildings or substantially renovating existing buildings in Employment Districts. In addition, the changes to the program have expanded eligibility for the IMIT incentive for select development projects. IMIT provides tax incentives to encourage the renovation or construction of buildings in targeted sectors, and brownfield remediation for non-retail employment uses throughout the City by way of development grants or tax cancellation.

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Invest Toronto’s 2015 Annual Report

Read Invest Toronto’s 2015 Annual Report to learn how we helped 25 international companies establish their businesses in Canada’s largest city in 2015.

Ontario’s Five Year Climate Change Action Plan

Find out how Ontario can deliver the next generation of solutions that will help the world mitigate, and adapt to, climate change.

Toronto Signature Sites Collection

The Toronto Signature Sites Collection 2016 Edition profiles select commercial and industrial properties available for development or redevelopment.

Canada: A RMB Hub for the Americas

Discover why Canada was selected as the first RMB trading centre in the Americas and what that means for the strong economic relationship between Canada and China.

Toronto’s Internet of Everything Innovation Center

Cisco Canada’s new 15,000 sq.ft. Innovation Centre in Toronto is one of only four worldwide. It will be located at Cisco’s Canadian Headquarters at RBC WaterPark Place.
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Helping Businesses Succeed in Toronto

Learn how the City of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture Division can help your business succeed in Toronto.

Toronto Quick Facts

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Toronto Economic Bulletin

View the latest economic bulletin for the City of Toronto and greater Toronto region.

Invest Toronto Slide Presentation

Invest Toronto's Slide Presentation outlines Toronto’s unique value proposition for global investors.

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Success stories


Foster Moore

"The team at Invest Toronto has been extremely helpful and supportive in helping us establish a presence in this fantastic city. It is an exciting but daunting task setting up a business in a new city; Invest Toronto has helped to remove the daunting part." - Nick Dalton, VP / General Manager - Canada, Foster Moore

Mingyuan Medicare Development (known as Life Vitality)

"Invest Toronto has been a tremendous help to us while setting up our three new Toronto locations. They have assisted us every step of the way, and continued to support us once we setup our operations. The fact that a not-for-profit organization is available to help companies with their expansion efforts is a testament to the City of Toronto, and the way they view FDI. Thanks for everything Invest Toronto!" - May Hao, Life Vitality


"I would like to thank Invest Toronto, who welcomed me to the City and arranged valuable meetings for me during my stay. Once I decided that Mississauga was going to be the new home of INSCOL Canada, they introduced me to the Economic Development Manager for Mississauga. I would without a doubt recommend Invest Toronto to any company that is looking to expand their operations to Toronto!" - Daljit S. Gujral, Managing Director, INSCOL Healthcare Limited


Ben Zifkin could have founded his online data sharing company, Hubba, just about anywhere. He had already lived all over the US, spent time in Singapore, and had just sold a successful company he started from scratch in London, England. He had contacts in Silicon Valley begging him to move to the west coast, but in the end, Zifkin decided to start over in his native Toronto. “We really could have started the company anywhere,” he says, but “we really felt that Toronto was the best place for a startup that would mitigate our risk and give us the best opportunity in that first 18 months.”

ETC Global Holdings

"Our Firm has been in the process of establishing a subsidiary in Toronto. Invest Toronto has been an invaluable help to us throughout this process. Invest Toronto staff have demonstrated time and time again that they are genuinely interested in the success of our business. They have not only been a reliable resource to us while navigating the various legal and jurisdictional concerns involved in establishing a new foreign business, but have also gone the extra mile to assist us in ways that go well beyond the norm." - Harvey Cloyd, CEO, ETC Global Holdings

Carpet Cycle Canada

Carpet Cycle had been servicing the Toronto Region from its New Jersey recycling centre since 1999. CarpetCycle decided in 2010 that there was a business case to be made for a stronger presence and full expansion into Toronto, Canada. Moreover, the Company felt that Toronto presented a unique opportunity because it is one of the greenest and most environmentally forward thinking cities in the world.

Eclipsall Energy Corporation was founded in 2009 with the objective of being the premier manufacturer of PV solar panels in North America

“Invest Toronto brings a strong focus and deep knowledge to economic development and while our team certainly had fairly detailed knowledge of the Toronto area, the staff at Invest Toronto were there to help us with a myriad of details which were all necessary to the location decision”, said Eclipsall CEO Les Lyster.

World renowned leader in digital entertainment expands to Toronto

Ubisoft has chosen to build its next great studio in Toronto with the objective of creating 800 creative jobs over 10 years to work on AAA high end games. “The great talent and creativity of Ontarians combined with Ontario’s vigorous economy convinces us that making Toronto our home will be beneficial to the future of Ubisoft.” Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto

KPMG's Global Resource Centre relocates to Toronto

KPMG International’s Global Executive Team spent 2 years comparing 28 major centres around the world before selected Toronto as their preferred destination Setting up in Toronto, Canada, represents a significant commitment by KPMG International and demonstrates a solid appreciation for the business environment here and faith in Canada’s future economic prosperity.

The CIC selects Toronto for its first overseas office

Analysts perceive the CIC's decision as both practical and strategic.
  • Banker's 2nd International Financial Centers Index ranked Toronto 2nd among financial centers in North America
  • Toronto and the GTA are home to five of the largest domestic banks

Biomedical Research at SickKids Hospital is attracting top scientists.

Find out why Dr. Janet Rossant is so enthusiastic about the work being done in the MaRS Discovery District – a unique zone in the city where innovations in science and technology are commercialized through partnerships between researchers and private enterprise.